Hospital Pharmacy Solutions


RxProstaff has been providing consulting, Pharmacy Outsourcing, staffing and educational services to clients in the Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston areas since 1999.


Our mission is to provide unparalleled educational services to Pharmacy Organizations and professional staff to enhance their careers through education and training, and also provide peace of mind for smaller hospitals who have outsourced their pharmacy services to us.

Our Vision is to be the hospital pharmacy provider of choice for organizations in need of:

  • Pharmacy Consulting Services

  • Pharmacy Outsourcing

  • Staff development

  • Staff education and training

Our Core Value is to work with honesty and integrity in providing consulting and educational services to our clients.

All our classes are currently offered at Crescent Medical Center Lancaster, 2600 Pleasant Run Road, Lancaster, Texas.

Our History ……

We started offering IV Certification classes in 2008 at the Dallas Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.

In 2009 we moved our IV Certification classes to Integra Hospital of Plano, in Plano, Texas. We offered classes for 2 years in this wonderful hospital which had theater seating in the class room. Unfortunately the hospital declared bankruptcy and was shut down in the summer of 2011.

In the fall of 2011 we moved our classes to Texas General Hospital in Grand Prairie, Texas.

During this year we also developed the Hospital Pharmacy training class which is still the only one offered in all of the United states, where we received international recognition and still have students attending from other countries.

Our classes continued at Texas General Hospital through the Summer of 2018, until the hospital was shut down.

We then offered classes at ICare Rehabilitation Hospital in Flower Mound, Texas, from summer of 2018 until the end of June 2019.

We now offer all our classes at Crescent Medical Center Lancaster which also allows us to teach the Hospital Pharmacy Crash Course which is the only one offered in all of United States.

We have the same awesome IV Instructors who have been teaching this course for the past 10 years with outstanding results.

  1. Linda Hodnett, Pharm.D., R.Ph., graduated from SUNY, and recently acquired her Pharm.D. degree. Linda has been with JPS Hospital working in their inpatient pharmacy for the past 10 years. She transitioned into the hospital pharmacy setting after a few years at Walgreen’s Pharmacy. She is a very highly rated instructor for the IV class

  2. Syed Usman, R.Ph., M.H.C.A., graduated from the Xavier University of Louisiana, and then completed his Masters degree in Health Care Administration from the University of Mississippi. Syed has been in the hospital pharmacy setting for over 30 years and is a certified IV Instructor. He primarily teaches the hospital pharmacy portion of the class.

  3. Michael Piccolo, Pharm.D., R.Ph., is currently the Director of Pharmacy for Kindred Facilities in the Dallas area. Mike as extensive clinical experience as he served as a clinical specialist at Metro Health Medical Center, Cleveland, OH, Piedmont Medical Center, Rock Hill, SC and Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

  4. Hien Phan, R.Ph., completed his Pharmacy degree from the University of Southeast Louisiana in Monroe, Louisiana. Hien is considered one of the best one on one instructors for the hospital pharmacy crash course. He transitioned from Retail to Hospital pharmacy about 10 years ago and can put things in perspective for students learning about hospital pharmacy practice.

  5. Salim Anik, Pharm.D., R.Ph., finished his pharmacy degree from LIU in New York. Salim is also one of our outstanding instructors for the hospital pharmacy crash course. He moved to Dallas from a huge medical center in New York and conveys a wealth of knowledge to the pharmacists learning about hospital pharmacy practice.

  6. Adeola Adediran, Pharm.D., R.Ph. is the newest member of our team and has been working in the hospital for over a years. She currently helps with our IV certification classes.

    For Questions about the classes please call:

    General Information: 817-938-1064

    Crescent Medical Center: 469-297-5364