On-Site Training at Your Location

We have been offering On-Site training classes at your location for IV Certification since 2007.

You have the option of paying travel expenses and regular registration fee per student with a minimum of 10 students, or we can give you an all inclusive custom price per student for a minimum of 5 students.

You have the option of 1, 2 or 3 day class based on the number of students attending.

The one day class can only be offered for pharmacists.

Our most popular is the 3 days class with a combination of Pharmacists and Technicians which can be scheduled on:

Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday (2-3 Four Hours sessions)

Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday (2-3 Four Hours sessions)

Wednesday-Thursday-Friday (2-3 Four Hours sessions)

Thursday-Friday-Saturday (2-3 Four Hours sessions)

Pharmacists only have to attend one 4 hours session plus testing time.

Technicians must attend 4 sessions plus testing time.

For schedule and pricing information please call 817-938-1064

Our Clients include:

  1. JPS Hospital Fort Worth, Fort Worth, Texas, Linda Hodnett

  2. Methodist Hospital of Dallas, Dallas, Texas, Doug Laird

  3. Wagner Pharmacy, Clinton, Iowa, Tim Wright, Director

  4. Doctors Hospital of Laredo, Laredo, Texas, Annette Enababor, Director of Pharmacy

  5. Nuscript Pharmacy, Nashville, TN - Jacqueline Phillips

  6. Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, Santa Barbara, California - Maria Winn, IV Room Supervisor

  7. Guardian Pharmacy, Sauk Rapids, Minnesota - Casey Halcrow, Director of Pharmacy

  8. Onco-360 Pharmacy, Great Neck, New York, Christopher Choi, Director of Pharmacy